This section is about White Lightning and the Muskegon Community College Motorsports Club.

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New paint for 2009 along with new data logging capability and a serious effort to promote ethanol.
2009 was a great year for the car and team. The Michigan Corn Growers became involved and we are setting new records each time to the track. 2009 Best: 11.95@111MPH
Mid-Michigan Motorplex 2009. In the waterbox before a record setting run.
New Paint for 2009! This was a much needed but major undertaking by the club. New colors and new graphics help take the car to the next level. It turned out beautiful!
2009 welcomed the new Electric Dragster "Short Circuit" to the MCC Automotive Department. Designed and constructed through collaboration from all departments in the Industrial Manufacturing Technologies at Muskegon Community College.
We would like to thank everyone who has helped in any way with the car and club. All the contributions great and small help our students reach new heights. Alternative fuels are here to stay and we need employees with practical knowledge.

US131 Motorsports Park (Martin Michigan) - last run of 2008

Josh Dagen (MCC Motorsports Club President) at 6,500RPM in the waterbox, 2008 Best ET to date: 12.195@109MPH

2000 Cobra 4.6L (281CI), 9.8cr, aluminum block and heads, custom tunnel ram designed and built at the school with clear Lexan top and two Cobra throttle bodies. BBK headers, 160lb injectors, custom wiring harness, coil on plug ignition, aluminum radiator and hydroboost brakes.
Some work is needed to fit air filters to the air intake.
The purple and blue MagnaFuel fuel pressure regulator is at the front of intake maniford. All fuel system components were upgraded with Ethanol safe AN10 supply and AN8 return hose sizes. .750" ID fuel rails were used along with high flow filter and MagnaFuel Electric fuel pump. 16 gal. fuel cell was upgraded with larger supply and return AN fittings.
Cockpit view, shifter changes a 4R70W transmission that is controlled by a Baumann TCS transmission control system.
Right Cockpit view with the electronics mounted on the roll cage that is certified for 7.50 second ET's.
Electronics include the above mentioned Baumann TCS transmission system along with a MegaSquirt Engine management system supplied by The custom built Coil on Plug coil driver package is to the right of the relay box.

"I am very proud of the club members and their dedication. They have worked very hard and have something to be proud of"

Al Thomas MCC Motorsports Club Advisor

Motorsports Club members with their car at a Muskegon Community College "Taste of Tomorrow" high school student introduction.
In the news at Grand Valley State Universities Michigan Alternative and Renewable Energy Center, Muskegon Michigan.
Having fun before the Coast Guard Festival Parade (Grand Haven, Michigan) at Home Depot.
The Muskegon Community College Motorsports Club showing off the White Lightning during the Grand Haven Michigan Coast Guard Festival Parade.

Volunteer quadruplets Alan, Brianna, Debbie, and Cody Pekel helped pass out souvenirs at the Labor Day Parade in Muskegon, Michigan. Pere Marquette Park and Lake Michigan in the background.

The Muskegon Community College Hybrids and Alternative Fuels class with the "Bio-Fuel via Distillation" class project. The Ethanol producing bio-fuel plant came together in 15 weeks with the careful attention of a proud group of students. Fall 2007

The fall of 2008 had the next Alternative Fuels class building a new boiler and fermenting 600lbs of cracked corn.
This is the engine as it was first installed in the car before coil on plug ignition and the tunnel ram.

Mid Michigan

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